Cookie Policy


Like most other websites, we use cookies to collect information when you browse our site. Cookies are small data files placed in the website browser on your computer or other devices (such as smartphones or tablets) and are essentially used to remember your browsing activity on a website. On our site, one example is that they are used to remember whether or not you logged into the site, so you won't have to re-enter the information, and any items you had in the shopping basket. We use cookies for the effective operation of our website, to improve your experience when shopping with us online and to tailor our products and service to you.


Cookies work in combination with the website you are viewing, to capture and record information about how you interact with the site and your browsing behaviour. The cookies that we use on our site are called Session cookies (only stored while you are browsing the website, they are deleted when you leave the site) and Persistent cookies (stored for a period of time after you leave the site, typically used to remember previously viewed products or login details, and to help analytics systems to improve the site).


Cookies collect information about your journey when browsing a website, such as pages viewed, products purchased, any preferences such as login information, your chosen country or region, and how you use the website, such as whether it is your first time visiting or if you are a frequent visitor. The data collected and passed on by cookies is anonymous and does not contain personal data such as your name or address, telephone number, or credit card or payment information. However, it may contain a customer reference number which is unique to you.

You can find further and more detailed information on how cookies work and how you can manage them by visiting


Cookies are used to help us continually improve and update our site to improve the products and service to you. They are also used alongside our analytics system, Google Analytics, to see how you use the website and which pages, products and functions you prefer to help us improve the site. We also use cookies with our marketing partners to present appropriate and relevat offers to you, based on the products you are interested in on our site. These offers may appear as adverts on other websites when you browse the internet or social media.